15 Things to Avoid When You Start Vaping

15 Things to Avoid When You Start Vaping

If you’re new to vaping, the vaping world may seem like a whole different planet to you. But don’t worry, we are here to stay in this unknown territory with you no matter how long it takes to make this planet habitable.

At first, it can all seem overwhelming. Having so many different options can be confusing. It can be even more confusing since you do not even fully understand what all of it means.

In this article, you will learn about 15 things to avoid when you start vaping. We will also discuss how and why you can avoid them. 

**Disclaimer: All vaping products are for consumers 21 years or older.

Avoid Buying an Advanced Vape Mod From the Beginning

A lot of new vapers tend to start with a device that has more options than they need. So once they start using it, it seems like sitting in an A380 cockpit not knowing which button to press. 

So if you just started vaping, it is best to keep it simple and start with a straightforward device. Also, if you are switching to vapor products the last thing you want is a complicated device that you do not know how to use. It would probably be wiser to transition to a denser device once you have more experience. 

Sadly, new users spend a lot of money on devices that are not the right fit for them. Ideally, the best choice for new vapers is the pod system. It is small, comes with automatic draws, and easy to use. Alternatively, you could opt for a device that is upgradeable and allows you to change coils effortlessly. 

Avoid Buying Wrong Flavors

Buying the right flavor might be challenging to do. There are a lot of types of e-liquids from which you can choose. Picking one might seem hard or even impossible (that’s the problem of choice). 

When choosing flavors, the best thing would be to go for high-quality and trusted brands. It might be more expensive, but it will ensure a better vaping experience. If you are not sure about a brand or a flavor, do your research - and read reviews from other users that have experienced that specific flavor. An advantage of vaping is that you can always find a community of people (either online or in real life) that can give feedback on products they have used. If you can, spend a little more on e-liquids to have a more quality product. 

It is also of great importance to get the right kind of e-juice. It is not just about the nicotine content. Before anything, you need to find the right flavor. Don’t rely on the first flavor that you stumble upon. Another way of finding the best flavor is to try different flavors and determining which one is perfect for you. Once you start exploring various flavors, it will become easier to understand which one fits you the best.

Get the PG/VG Ratio Right 

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One of the common challenges for beginners is getting the PG/VG ratio right. However, it is vital to get the PG/VG ratio right. New users are usually not aware of this, which can lead to a heap of problems. 

Nearly all e-liquid contains propylene glycol (also known as PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). They are colorless substances that enable the production of vapor. Propylene glycol gives a better hit on the back of the throat. It also carries the flavor better. On the other hand, vegetable glycerin is much sweeter and thicker. It is responsible for producing more vapor.

When starting, you will probably want to start with a higher PG level. After all, it is responsible for carrying the flavor better. Also, PG is more friendly for basic coils - that you usually find on starter devices. VG, however, is thick and requires special coils to work correctly. PG can give a good throat hit. So, a new user should probably focus more on PG. But if you decide to go for a more advanced solution - and want to start using larger devices, choose an e-liquid with a higher VG level.

That is why it is crucial to determine which PG/VG ratio works best for you. Both can make for a different vaping experience, so it is up to you to know what you want. For example, some users can say PG is too harsh for their throat yet say that VG mixes are better and smoother. On the other hand, you have people who prefer PG mixes. 

It would be best to start with a 50/50 ratio (50% PG and 50% VG). Through this, you can see what works for you - and you can determine whether or not you want to change the ratio. The ratio will vary depending on how harsh or smooth you want the vapor to be.       

Avoid Storing E-Liquids Wrong 

If you fail to store the e-liquid the proper way, the results can be less than favorable. The moment nicotine or vegetable glycerin goes bad, the e-liquid can begin to smell and taste sour. It applies to fruity vape juices and occurs very commonly. The good news is, you can decelerate this process of degradation with the correct storage techniques.  

If you want your vape juice to last longer and prolong its lifespan, there are a few things that you want to prevent from coming in contact with the e-juice. 

The things you want to avoid are heat, air, and light. If you expose vape juice to heat, air, or light, it can decay faster. Keep your e-liquids in a darker and cooler place if you want them to stay fresh.

Avoid Dry Hits 

A common thing that happens to most users, especially beginners, is experiencing dry hits. Dry hits are the vapers Achilles heel - nobody likes them! To have a pleasant vaping experience, you need to know what dry hits are and how to avoid them. 

A dry hit is something that most vapers have experienced at least once in their life. Until now, we have not seen a complete solution to this problem. But we never know what technology can achieve in the future. 

While vaping, if you feel a very unpleasant burning taste, that is most likely a dry hit. Also, If you experience a sudden and strong heat at the back of the throat - that is a dry hit. Dry hits are annoying and unpleasant, and they make your vaping experience less enjoyable. Even though there has not been a complete solution to this problem, there are several ways to avoid dry hits.  

First things first - keeping the coil saturated will reduce the dry hits to almost zero. You should probably take a better look at your kit and look for a bottom-coil clearomizer tank to achieve this. Within the coil, there is usually an opening that is saturated with the juice. These openings come in the form of wicking holes.

Another thing that can lead up to dry hits is chain vaping. The way that you vape can contribute to the frequency of dry hits. That means that chain vaping or power vaping (and even vaping with the voltage up high) will most likely lead to more dry hits than expected. So, to avoid dry hits, you should minimize chain and power vaping as much as possible. 

Avoid Not Washing the Tank or Not Replacing the Cotton Often 

For a second, think about how vape works. It constantly has air cycling through, into the coils, and to the mouthpiece. While using it, with all the air cycling, there are lots and lots of germs that could build up in the mouthpiece. Throughout the day, you do eat and talk. All of this can result in germs sticking around to your vape device.

Besides that, even e-liquids can contain some sweeteners and different components. They can build up on glass and walls on the inside of your device. It can result in your flavor changing and making your vape taste differently. If you have used some stronger flavors (tobacco or chocolate) - they can still linger until you do the cleaning of your device. Not cleaning your tanks and coils regularly can impact your vaping experience and change the flavors of e-liquids.

All of this indicates that you should clean your tank or replace the cotton in your wicks. If you clean and maintain your vape gear, you can enjoy all the flavors and not worry about the germs sticking around. Also, having the tank washed and the cotton replaced often can help you to have a longer-lasting device. 

So how do you know when is the time to wash the tank or change the cotton? The first sign is having way less vapor than usual. If your vape suddenly fails to produce clouds - you know it is time to clean your tank or change the cotton. If you ignore these early signs, you will start noticing the burnt taste every time you take a draw. Ignoring it will only make it worse. 

Avoid Vaping Where It Is Not Allowed 

The last thing you want to happen to you is to get in trouble for vaping.  Before wanting to vape somewhere - you should always research if vaping is allowed. Some countries have specific laws when it comes to vape. They have specific places for vaping or do not allow vaping at all. However, some others countries are more relaxed. 

Even when you are inside and you want to vape, always check for signs if vaping is allowed or not, or ask someone nearby.  

Avoid Not Turning off the Device When Not Using It

If you are not using your device - you can save its power by turning it off. There is no reason to leave it on if you aren’t vaping. You would never forget to turn off your TV or any other device if you are not using it for a while, right? 

Many users tend to leave the device on, thinking it is not using any power. It is a common misconception among new users. It leads them to never switch off their device. If the device is on, it will be sucking away some power from the battery. The only way you can save some of that power is to turn off the device and turn it back on when you want to use it again. 

Avoid Not Watching Tutorials Before Trying to Replace the Coil 

Changing out coils is the most crucial part of having a vape. You could say that is a price you have to pay for having a convenient and effective vape mod. Replacing the worn-out coils is a part of your mods' basic maintenance and could help extend your device’s lifespan. If you ignore the fact that you have to change the coil, you will probably have to buy a new vape mod sooner than expected.  

New users might even try to do this on their own, which can harm their device. Since new users still lack some experience, it would be wiser for them to watch tutorials or read articles on properly replacing the coil. By watching tutorials, you are making sure you are doing the right thing and that your device is being treated as it should. Here is one of the tutorials that you might find helpful: 

Avoid Purchasing a Cheap Device 

If you just started getting into vaping, you probably also care about the price of the device. You do not want to spend a lot of money but still want to get a decent device, which is understandable. One of the things new vapers should avoid is buying cheap devices.

Purchasing a cheap device can result in multiple negative things. One of them is that your device will not last long and that you will have to throw it away after a short time. 

A lot of these low-quality products try to look like well-known brands but with a lower price. Their goal is for new users to think that they can get a well-known brand for less money. However, that is not the case. Usually, these cheaper brands are only an imitation of reputed products. 

The safest way to get a vape is to buy it from a reputable and specialized vape supply that proved the quality. It could be a bit more pricey, but remember, you are paying for quality in this case. In the end, your product will last for years and probably will not have any problems in its life span. 

Avoid Getting a Sub Ohm Vape as a New Vaper 

The type of vaping that uses coils with a resistance lower than 1 ohm is called sub-ohm vaping. This low resistance vaping produces huge clouds of vapor. The key to a smaller resistance coil is using a thicker wire. If the wire is thicker, the coil’s surface area will be larger, resulting in more e-liquid being vaporized. As a result, you will produce more giant clouds of vapor than you’re used to. 

This device uses lower resistance, so it might not be wise for a new vaper to use it. It would help to start with regular devices first. Becoming more comfortable with them before switching to sub-ohm devices will be beneficial. Before switching to sub-ohm devices, you might want to seek professional guidance or talk with someone with experience if you have any uncertainties. 

Avoid Burning Your Coil Out 

When there is no liquid, we get burnt hits. Without any liquid to vaporize, the coils eventually start to burn the wick. It can result in the user inhaling burnt cotton. If you do feel like you're inhaling burnt cotton, that should be a red flag.

We will list here some helpful advice on how to avoid burn hits. 

  • High wattages - Vaping at wattages that are above the coil limits will vaporize the e-liquid too quickly. If that’s the case, the coil will burn the wick, even if there is juice in there. You should always remain on the recommended wattage ranges to avoid this. 
  • Chain vaping - If you take too many draws in a row, you can dry up the wick fast. You can avoid this by putting down vape for some time. While you are not using it, you are allowing the liquid to cover up the dry spots. 
  • Vaping with high-VG e-liquids - As we have mentioned, not all vapes are made equal. High-VG juices are present in certain vape tanks, while others require 50% or more PG to work properly. You can use this trick to check the size of wick channels: if the holes are too small, your tank probably will not bode well with high-VG juices.
  • Not priming coils the right way - Priming your coils is the process of getting them ready for first use because you allow the wicks to get saturated with e-liquid. To avoid getting burnt hits - do not forget to prime your coils properly!

Avoid Buying New Brands That Are Hyped and Not Backed by User Reviews

Today, you have so many different options to choose from - it is sometimes even overwhelming to make a decision. With so many choices, which one should you pick? Which one should you trust? Is that device going to last? 

Just because you see something being advertised too much - does not mean it is the best option. It would probably be a bad idea to get the first vape you see just because you have seen the billboards all over the place. 

The best way to determine your choice is to read user reviews—research what other users have said about the product. You can learn a lot about a brand based on user experience. Once you have done your research and have studied user feedback - your choice will be much easier. 

Avoid Getting Too Technical Before Understanding How the Devices Work 

When you start to vape - you do not want a complicated device. You want something that is not hard to understand and use. 

If you see someone with a much more complicated device that seems better (or that produces more vapor, for example), you might have the desire to get the same device as well. However, it is vital when getting a new device to understand how it works. It is also crucial to know what are the pros and cons of the device. It will help you realize if it is a good choice for you. 

As a new user, you might want to stick with easier devices until you get the hang of it. You should talk to someone more experienced or do some more research before getting a more complicated or too expensive device. You will save yourself time, energy, and money. 

Avoid Getting a Wrong Charger for Your Vape

Vapes are, after all, electronic devices. They require charging equipment like most devices. Most of the time, new users face vape battery issues because of using the wrong charger. 

Always use a charger that is designed for your device. To avoid malfunction, read the manual on how to use the charger. Also, remember that using a different cable could potentially cause problems. The charger you are using might have a higher voltage which can lead to your device overheating. 


If you are carrying the device with you, remember to turn it off before putting it in a pocket or a bag. It would be better not to put removable batteries in your pockets if you have keys or change.