15 Best Vape Tanks in 2021 in Every Category

15 Best Vape Tanks in 2021 in Every Category

**Disclaimer: All vaping products are meant for adult consumers. Please use products responsibly**

Despite all the unfortunate events that this year has brought people all over the world, many encouraging things have been transpiring worldwide. One of those is that for vaping fans, there is more variety of tanks, coils, e-juices, and vaping devices to choose from. That’s great news! 

To achieve the best results in vape cloud production and taste, we must consider one of the critical parts of an efficient and rewarding vaping device: the Vape Tank. 

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll be looking at the 15 best vape tanks in 2021, so continue reading to find the best tank for you! 

There are two main types of Vape Tanks, the MTL (mouth to lung) vape tanks and the Sub Ohm vape tanks. The fundamental difference here is your own inhalation style. The vape tank’s coil resistance primarily dictates the inhalation style. Mouth to Lung vape tanks will have coils with a resistance range that starts at 1.0ohm and goes on to a few more ohms. On the other hand, Sub-ohm vape tanks have resistances, as the suffix “Sub” infers, of less than 1.0ohms. The number of ohms (the unit in which resistance is measured - I know, physics, right?) is inversely proportional to the amount of power that can flow through the coils. In layman’s terms, the lower the ohms, the more vapor and clouds are produced, therefore making the inhale is less restricted. 

Ohms law

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However, Sub Ohm vape tanks require more wattage, and they need to be paired with more beefy mods to get the necessary wattage to vaporize your e-liquid. But Mouth to Lung vape tanks require less wattage to fire.

It may be a bit of a trade-off and compromise to choose either vape tank. However, it is mostly recommended for beginner vapers to start with Mouth to Lung vape tanks. The explanation as to why is described below.

Mouth to Lung Vape Tanks - Principles and Anatomy

MTL Vape tanks

When you pick a mouth to lung vape tank, you will employ the same inhalation technique as you would with a traditional cigarette. You inhale some vapor (or smoke in the case of a cigarette), you hold it in your mouth for a second or two, then you usher it down into your lungs. This is why it is the most typical and popular vape tank amongst rookie vapers who prefer something that doesn’t represent a very abrupt transition from traditional smoking to vaping, something more familiar to what they were accustomed to for quite a long time. These vape tanks can produce more of a throat hit and can handle high nicotine levels. 

As to the anatomy or design of the mouth to lung vape tanks, they are usually equipped with a more narrow drip tip (the piece you put into your mouth from which you inhale). By having a more narrow drip tip, the inhale is slightly restricted, but it also enhances the flavor of your e-juice. A lot of mouth to lung vape tanks will give you the option of adjusting the airflow. You can adjust the airflow, usually at the base of the tank. As you adjust the airflow, the vents will either open up or close down, giving you more control over how loose or tight your draw is. As we hinted previously, mouth to lung vape tanks will, in general, not produce as much cloud as Sub Ohm vape tanks. One of the positive aspects of this is that it can be a much more discreet option when you’re out in public. Another advantage of mouth to lung vape tanks over sub-ohm tanks is that they generally don’t consume as much e-juice, so you won’t have to be refilling your vape tank quite as often. 

Sub Ohm Vape Tanks - Principles and Anatomy

Sub ohm tanks

Also known as Direct to Lung vape tanks, Sub Ohm tanks allow you to inhale straight and deeply into your lungs, rather than let the vapor linger in your mouth for a short while. The inhale is much looser, and in consequence producing much more vapor and more giant, puffier clouds. They also consume more e-juice in the process. It is because of the lower resistance on the coil and more wattage needed to heat the coil. They are usually much more flavorful, offering a light throat hit and producing more billowing clouds. 

The maximum capacity of the Sub Ohm vape tanks will only be 2ml at most. Some Sub Ohm tanks will come with an expander glass to hold more e-liquid. Because they are more power-hungry, they will use up more e-juice in the heating and vaping process. Their drip tips are usually larger than those of the mouth to lung vape tanks (510 or 810 are the most common ones), allowing more airflow. You can also adjust the airflow at the base of the Sub Ohm vape tanks, allowing more ventilation for a more in-depth inhale. 

So without further ado, let’s see what our experts think are the best vape tanks of 2021.

There are obviously a lot more vape tanks out there that could match the quality and bang for your buck of the vape tanks shown in this article, but making a thorough and detailed list of them all could be a daunting and never-ending task, as you may imagine. 

Best Sub Ohm and Mouth to Lung Vape Tanks

1 - Freemax M Pro Metal Tank (Best Sub Ohm vape tank)

Freemax M Pro Metal Tank

The Freemax M Pro is a great sub-ohm tank, with its 5 mL capacity bubble, Sliding top fill cap, and high-wattage mesh coil. Its mesh coils are crafted from flat metal films. This unique design enhances the heating surface area, producing more even heat and extraordinary vapor.

The Freemax M Pro comes in five different colors: black, gold, gunmetal, rainbow, and stainless.

The M Pro’s large airflow slots and wide bore drip tip produce smoother high-quality vapor. The M Pro’s appearance is just as phenomenal as its performance. It features a shimmering metallic finish that looks amazing on any device!

Compatible with: Freemax M Pro Replacement Coils, in case you were wondering. 

2 - Mesh Pro Vape Tank by Freemax

Mesh Pro Vape Tank by Freemax

The Mesh Pro Vape tank by Freemax was the first of its kind in the market, incorporating the first dual and triple mesh coil builds. Featuring an exquisite design, the Mesh Pro is relatively compact in size for such a powerful beast. Able to withstand up to a massive 110W without compromising on flavor, this sub-ohm tank is an ideal companion for advanced box mods.

Measuring 25mm in diameter, the new Mesh Pro Tank is constructed from durable stainless steel and implements a beautiful carbon fiber or metal frame. The fitted 810 wide bore drip tip allows for a better throat hit and a larger cloud production. A 2ml TPD compliant tank, the Mesh Pro adopts a designed slide to its top fill mechanism and has patented vent holes for easy mess-free refilling. A dual slotted bottom adjustable airflow allows for ample airflow into the chamber for optimum flavor and cloud production.

Coil options

The Mesh Pro tank is compatible with an array of coils, and is supplied with two high performing options. Pre-installed with a kanthal double mesh 0.2ohm coil, which has an optimal wattage range of between 60-90W. Also supplied is the single mesh 0.15ohm coil option, which is rated at 40-70W.

 3 - GTX 22 Vape Tank by Vaporesso

GTX 22 Vape Tank by Vaporesso

The Vaporesso GTX 22 vape tank is a sub-ohm style tank, compatible with the full range of GTX coils. With a 22mm diameter, the GTX 22 is constructed from durable stainless steel and features a clean-cut design. Featuring an adjustable bottom airflow and utilizing mesh coils, the GTX 22 is designed to deliver delicious flavor and great clouds.

This tank is supplied with a 0.2ohm GTX Mesh Coil pre-installed, which has an optimal power range of 45 to 60 watts, and a 0.6ohm GTX Mesh Coil for a range of between 20 - 30W. A 2ml capacity TPD compliant vape tank with an effortless top-fill method allows quick and easy filling of the tank without a single drop of waste. Equipped with a 510 threaded connector for wide ranging compatibility, the GTX 22 pairs excellently with just about any mod you might have in your collection.

4 - Geek Vape Alpha 

Geek Vape Alpha

Just by looking at the Alpha tank, you’ll be mesmerized by its incredible looks. A tank that offers not just quality in its manufacture but also excellent color choice. The diameter is quite large compared to other tanks in a similar category, at 25mm, so we recommend to use this tank with bigger mods to avoid overhang. The Alpha vape tank will suit better those mods with more grunt and power. The coils are made for serious clouds because this tank can push 100 watts and more. 

Apart from a swivel top fill port, wide bore drip tip for more vapor, and large vents with adjustable airflow, the coils also help produce lots of vapor in the Alpha. The Alpha comes equipped with mesh coils, more specifically kanthal coils, great for large and dense vapor clouds.

The single-core X1, with 0.2ohm resistance, will give you from 60 to a whopping 100 watts. There is also a milder option with 0.4ohms resistance and a dual coil with a power of 50 to 80 watts.  

5 - Odan Vape Tank by Aspire

Odan Vape Tank by Aspire

The Odan tank is on the higher end of the Sub Ohm spectrum for Aspire. Offering mid-higher range wattage coils with unique linen and cotton wicking, this tank was made for incredible flavor, super fast wicking, and massive clouds. With a wide bore 810 drip tip, adjustable airflow, and 27mm diameter, the Odan is the perfect partner for higher wattage box mods.

Construction and Design

The Odan is a beautifully machined tank, measuring in with a 27mm diameter; it’s best suited to larger mods to avoid any overhang. At the bottom of the tank is the 510 connector with adjustable airflow at the base, allowing you to control how airy your inhale is. The wide bore 810 drip tip gives plenty of room for super-charged clouds. Refilling is leakproof and straightforward, just lift the top cap and push back to expose the fill port.

Coil Options and Changing Coils

Changing coils is mess-free thanks to the protective sleeve inside the tank. When you remove the tank’s base, you just pull the old coil out and push the new one into place. As a result, less e-liquid is wasted. Also, if your coil burns out halfway through a tank, you don’t need to empty it first. You get two coils with the Odan. The pre-installed option is the 0.3ohm Mesh coil made for 35 - 45 watts. The other is a 0.2ohm Mesh coil for 50 - 60 watts. Both have the new innovative linen and cotton blend wicking material for faster absorption.

6 - Innokin Zenith - mouth to lung vape tank

Innokin Zenith

When it comes to flavor producing, nothing beats the Innokin Zenith vape tank. If you’re not into Direct to Lungs vaping, this beauty comes quite close to a cigarette. No vast clouds, but very flavorful hits. 

This tank produces better vapor than most RTA’s, which almost always have better flavor than pre-built tanks. And the airflow can go super tight as well. This vape tank was built to pamper your taste buds with rich flavor. 

It adopts one 1.6ohm kanthal coil for a cooler vape at lower wattage and one 0.8ohm kanthal coil for a slightly warmer vape at higher wattage. Together with a convenient top-fill twist design that will automatically shut off the liquid flow when filling to prevent flooding and gurgling, adjustable bottom airflow control, and easy replacement coil design, zenith is absolutely the right choice for the MTL lovers.

7 - VM 22 by Vaporesso

VM 22 by Vaporesso

If you started with a Vaporesso kit when you first got into vaping, you might be familiar with the EUC coils. Well, now you’ve got a dedicated mouth to lung tank with enhanced performance that’s also compatible with those very same coils. The VM22, as the name hints, measures 22mm in diameter and is built from durable stainless steel and Pyrex. The tank is fitted with a case that surrounds the glass, making it more resistant to any accidental drops and giving it a minimalist and slick appearance. Choose from various colors, from minimalist black or silver to something more vibrant like rainbow or blue.

Up top, the 510 drip tip helps enhance the flavor of your favorite e-juice. To refill the VM 22, just unscrew the top cap to expose the fill port. As far as e-juice options are concerned, you’re spoiled for choice. Included with the tank is a 1.0ohm coil for 50:50 e-juices as well as a 0.6ohm coil for higher VG options and a direct to lung inhale (just in case you want to give that a try). Changing the coils themselves is a fool-proof process. Just open up the tank’s base, pull the old coil out, then press the new one into place, and voila!

8 - M Pro 2 Vape Tank by Freemax

M Pro 2 Vape Tank by Freemax

The Freemax M Pro 2 Vape tank is the successor to the popular and original Mesh pro tank (ranked #4 here on our list). Innovatively designed the M Pro 2 Vape tank features three steel balls within the top cap to increase friction and prevent leakage. A sub-ohm vapers dream tank, the M Pro 2 adopts FM COILTECH 4.0 with military-grade SS904L mesh material and tea fiber cotton coils. Also cross-compatible with the Mesh pro coil range, if you were wondering.

Measuring 27mm in diameter, the new M Pro 2 Tank is built from 304 stainless steel and features textured glass for an elegant finish. A 2ml TPD compliant tank, the M Pro 2 has an upgraded slide to fill top-fill mechanism and a dual slotted bottom adjustable airflow to direct airflow straight to the coil’s body, creating voluminous clouds.

Coil options

The M Pro 2 tank utilizes a host of coils, including the brand new, specifically designed 904L M Coil series, which integrates SS904L Mesh with Tea Fibre cotton for outstanding flavor and vapor production.

9 - Aspire Nautilus 2 

Aspire Nautilus 2

If you’ve decided to quit smoking and take on vaping, you need to make the right vape tank choice in this life-changing situation.  Aspire Nautilus 2 comes to the rescue. 

Aspire brings you the new, curvy, Nautilus 2. The latest mouth to lung 2ml tank in the Nautilus series. Nautilus 2 employs a preinstalled 1.8Ω BVC coil, coupled with the bottom airflow adjuster, helping you fine-tune your vaping needs. A shorter chimney minimizes airflow travel and provides a better flavor experience, bringing the best out of your premium e-juice. Interchangeable coils with other Nautilus tanks further individualize your vaping experience. Nautilus 2 tank comes in two finishes, Stainless steel, and Aluminium.

If you prefer restrictive cigarette-like hits and want to experiment with all the different types of ‘restrictiveness' a vape tank can offer (MTL and DTL), the Nautilus 2 is your sub-ohm tank!

10 - Uwell Nunchaku (Best low to mid-watt sub-ohm tank)

OK, so you like massive clouds, but you barely ever go beyond 50 watts, so you are now setting your mind on some of the abovementioned vape tanks? I’m afraid some of those won’t do the job for you. So that’s when the Uwell Nunchaku comes in! 

It is also by far the best sub-ohm vape tank in the 20-50 watt range when it comes to flavor. 

But to achieve the best flavor, you have to use it in power mode. In this mode, this vape tank beats all the competition on flavor production in the 20-50W range. This vape tank is not recommended for temperature control vaping. If that’s your thing, you can look elsewhere.

With the Uwell Nunchaku, you can be sure to expect extraordinary build quality and reliability, with their long-lasting coils, and a flood-free, gurgle-free, and to top it all up, a leak-free operation. 

11 - Uwell Valyrian 2 Sub Ohm Tank (Most recommended for clouds and chain vaping)

So you want to be out and about all day chain vaping and need a reliable companion that will make you produce massive clouds and won’t let you down in the process? Well, the Uwell Valyrian 2 is the ultimate cloud-making war machine. This monster will create so much cloud that will make a volcanic eruption ash cloud look like a child’s firecracker. But! Yes, there is a but. It will devour your e-juice like a little starving Tasmanian devil would devour a roadkill. 

If that isn’t a real issue for you, then, by all means, get this machine of a sub-ohm vape tank. It’s probably your best option. The coil option is also limited. That’s because this tank heats at 100W. That’s like a V8 truck. It’s a powerful machine, but burns a lot of fuel! 

12 - Kanger Toptank Mini (Best vape tank for low wattage DTL and restricted DTL)

Don’t like the billowing clouds that most sub-ohm vape tanks produce, and think the MTL vape tanks restrict you much and the clouds are too minuscule? For that reason, I’d choose a low-wattage sub-ohm vape tank, which allows for restricted DTL hits, like the Kanger. 

The Kanger Toptank Mini is our top pick in this category because it won’t restrict your coil options, so you can choose from 0.15 to 1.5 ohms, including nickel and stainless steel for vaping in TC mode. We recommend 0.5-ohm coils in this case. We also love this vape tank because you can adjust the airflow in a pretty wide range to get as restrictive as possible, but you can also open up that airflow for some serious cloud chasing. 

13 - SMOK TFV16 Lite Sub Ohm Tank

The SMOK TFV16 is a beast of a tank created for massive clouds. It is powered by single, dual, and triple mesh coils that allow you to push the power to over 100 watts! At a whopping 9 mL, it also has the largest capacity available for a sub-ohm tank. The TFV16 has a diameter of 27 mm at its base and features a press-to-slide, clicky filling mechanism.

Featuring a top lock closure that avoids the painstaking task of changing a broken tank (the glass of the vape tank, I mean), this sub-ohm tank will not only produce huge clouds but also doesn’t compromise on flavor. The coils last longer as they don’t burn up quite as fast and hard. 

If you are already familiar with the TFV16 tank, the “Lite” version reduces its predecessor’s weight, making this incredible system more convenient and portable than ever before! SMOK’s TFV16 Lite Sub-Ohm Tank comes with two new performance-focused coils: a conical mesh coil and a dual element mesh coil. Additionally, this remarkable system features a 5 ml capacity bubbled glass section, an 810 resin mouthpiece, an upgraded user-adjustable airflow system, and a reliable mess-preventing locking top-fill mechanism.

14 - OFRF nexMesh Sub Ohm Tank

This vape tank puts itself out there to rub shoulders with the best players on the market despite coming from a relatively new company. Putting a sub-ohm vape tank out there with so much competition is definitely a bold move by these guys. But given the reliable build quality, I’d say this vape tank is quite a choice, especially for the not-so-seasoned vapers out there. 

This tank boasts a triple bottom airflow control rig, 5.5mL capacity, and a plethora of other features. We’ve selected the nexMesh in our top 15 best vape tanks just because it is one of the best sub-ohm tanks out there due to its versatility, looks, and practicality. It is built to last from durable stainless steel. 

Did I mention the coils are super easy to change? 

15 - Whirl Vape Tank by Uwell

Yet another stylish and versatile vape tank that you can use for both MTL and DTL vaping. This Sub-ohm vape tank uses the pro-FOCS system (Professional Flavor Optimization Core System) flavor technology coils. This tank comes with both a 0.6ohm Whirl Dual Coil and a 1.8ohm Whirl Single coil.   

Users have reported no leakage from Whirl. But it is an e-juice sucking machine, so you might have to refill your tank more often than you’d want to, so that’s a consideration you need to keep in mind when purchasing. 


We’ve covered quite a bit of vape tanks, from the MTL to the Sub Ohm (aka DTL). It is up to you to decide which ones are right for you depending on your inhalation style, whether you like great flavor or massive clouds, or both, and some pros and cons you should expect every time you are on the lookout for a vape tank (or anything for that matter). 

This list is definitely not exhaustive, but it will give you a good idea of not only the makes and models to look for but also the specs and features you should pay attention to depending on your particular and personal vaping style. 

That’s all for now! Happy vaping!