10 Vape Trends of 2021

10 Vape Trends of 2021

Entering the vape world is like setting foot in a castle. There are intricate designs all around you. You are enraptured by creativity and craftsmanship. Finding a perfect vape device is a similar experience. The types and amount of products that are available to vaping enthusiasts are mind-boggling. To know which product to buy, one has to research a lot and find a perfect device.

With all the different available methods, every cloud-chaser has their journey of finding what works best. Some like to go old-school and buy antique vape devices, while others opt for portable, small designs which they can carry around. It has also given rise to different trends around the year. Some trends continue to dominate and become part of the vaping industry; while others are a fad and die down soon. However, it's essential to know all the trends that have become headlines in the current year to adopt the ones you like and ignore the others.

We’ve rounded up ten amazing vape trends of the 2021 year so that you can stay at the top of your game.

Vape Trend #1: Disposable Vape Tanks

Vape Trend #1: Disposable Vape Tanks

Vape tanks are the most dominant part of the devices because that’s where the process of vaporization takes place. Of course, choosing a good flavor and the choice of the coil also have significance, but the quality of tanks is critical. Nowadays, there are multiple choices, from sub-ohm tanks to MTL tanks.

You need to trust us when we say we get it. It’s hard to keep changing the tanks and maintaining them. There is an elaborate process of cleaning vape tanks involved, and some might even find it a joyful activity; but sometimes, we all wish the process was quicker so we could skip the preparation and get to the climax, just like in a movie. Disposable tanks are an answer to all those wishes.

Designed to be used instantly, these vape tanks can be utilized until the coil lasts. Once the coil is finished, just give it up for recycling and get a new one. They are made from silicone and acryl so that you don't have to be too careful while popping them into your device. There are a handful of them around the market for a reasonable price, and we are looking forward to them becoming a significant trend in the vaping world.

Vape Trend #2: Powerhouse Pod Systems

Vape Trend #2: Powerhouse Pod Systems

These miniature devices are similar to small vape models and contribute effectively towards a quality vaping experience.  The process involves loading a pod and using it until the pod finishes. It gives you complete control over your vaping pace. These all-in-one devices are a testament to the fact that the vaping world is advancing at the speed of a lightning bolt. Pod mods are assembled in 5 parts: battery indicators, charging slot, and the pod, which can be categorized into two.

●      Open system pod, which houses tanks that are suitable for refilling.

●      Closed system pods designed for disposable tanks (that explains the popularity of the mentioned tank type).

Pod systems are produced by top-quality manufacturers and are encompassed in attractive casings. Their size, cost, and ability to provide different flavors to its users are why the users are opting for this trend.

Vape Trend #3: Hybrid Pod Systems

Hybrid pod systems are to the cloud-chasers what a manual car is to a race driver. You get the control you want, which brings excitement to owning hybrid pod systems. These pods are much more powerful compared to the time manufacturers introduced them in the market. Unlike other mods, which are used and then discarded, these are long-lasting and give various vaping options to the users.

While tracing the history, it would be fun to point out that they began as a gimmick but now are on their way to contending as one of the biggest trends of the current year. They were made so that a user could try out all the available juices and then discarded as they were not considered quality products. But today, they are packed with quality batteries, coils, and pods that can be replaced for better ones. They also have impressive designs on them and are equipped with features that can enchant the device’s owner.

Vape Trend #4: Smartphone integration

It is no wonder that smartphones have done a great job integrating into our lives to the tee. From calorie tracking to solving math equations, there is an app for everything. Therefore, it is no surprise that vape companies have also integrated technology to the fullest so that users can monitor their devices. Each vaping device nowadays comes equipped with  BlueTooth, which helps you connect it to your smartphone.

Other than that, users can now keep track of their vaping habits and cut down if they notice excessive usage. You can now track the devices if they are lost with the help of a cell phone. Various apps are designed and catered only for vape users to share their experiences and interact with fellow vape enthusiasts. In a nutshell, there is an intelligent solution for every vaping problem, even e-liquid recipes (how crazy is that!), packed in the tiny gadget you carry with you, aka your cell phone. 

Vape Trend #5: Nicotine Salt Devices

Vape Trend #5: Nicotine Salt Devices

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Nicotine salts have a synthetic concentration of traditional nicotine mixed with Benzoic acid in labs, curbing nicotine cravings without giving you a sharp sensation in your throat. The benzoic acid also aids in lowering the pH of the nicotine while keeping the concentration intact. Nicotine salt e-juices are not compatible with all devices, and therefore, thorough research is needed to choose the device if you have decided that nic salt is the way for you now.

Certain things deem a device suitable for vaporizing nic salt. Some of these features include how easy to use the device is and the fact that it doesn't consume too much e-liquid that you have to visit the store to buy more frequently. In our honest opinion, one should join the bandwagon when it comes to this trend because it has a high chance of staying.

Vape Trend #4: Premium Materials

The time when there were limited options for any vaping fan seems long gone. One quick Google search can present you with millions of manufacturers who are ready to offer a fantastic experience in exchange for a few bucks. There are unique designs that attract a user, but we all want quality over quantity in the end. With the design, there has been an influx of different materials that make up the vape devices. That is precisely the reason why there are countless materials to manufacture mods now. 

In old times, there used to be plastic or metal. But today, there are multitudes of options ranging from stabilized wood to brass, leather, or glass, to name a few. There are devices made from eccentric materials like abalone shells, marine snails with a beautiful shell (not making this up!).

It’s also important to note that the prices vary depending on the material you like. However, knowing that one is not stuck with limited raw material variety in vapes is vital. The designs are sleek and combined with materials that stand out when you buy; these are a sure way to turn a few heads when you roam around the city with your device.

Vape Trend #7: Longer Lasting Coils

As a cloud-chaser, one must admit that it is not the device that makes up the overall cost of the experience but rather the coils. Like the battery life of a cell phone, users need and deserve a long coil life of their vape. In addition to that, given the price of coils, it seems like a longer-lasting coil would be the one that will always attract users who need a good experience but do not want to keep spending money on it repeatedly.

Nevertheless, the sucralose residue left on the coil from e-liquids reduces the efficiency of coils and decreases their shelf life. The manufacturers understand the demand for better coil life and have developed various ways to solve the issue. Today, coils last much longer, and companies are coming up with different technologies to meet users’ demands, such as finding ways to clean the residue automatically. FreeMax also has a range of phenomenal coils with innovative mesh-wire sheets and faster ramp-up time.

FreeMax Quad Mesh Coil

FreeMax Quad Mesh Coil 

Vape Trend #8: Smaller, more portable, more efficient devices

It is ironic how as the distances between communication have been more global than ever, the gadgets we use around us are smaller than ever. Some years ago, you’d have to look hard to find a person ramping it up with a small vape mod, and even with a thorough search, you wouldn’t find anyone because there weren’t devices that small available in the market. It was dangerous to carry the device around with you as well as unfeasible. 

On the plus side, the markets are now flooded with pocket-size mods that the vape users have welcomed with open arms. These devices are not only size-efficient but have all the features that you’d find in a box mod packed into their tiny sizes. This trend certainly explains the popularity of miniature pod systems.

We live in a world where portability is valued. For all the hustle in a person’s life, the fun should tag along, and therefore, portable vape devices have been a dream come true for the cloud-chasers. The history of vaping proves that we’ve come a long way. With powerhouse mod systems and vape pens in the market, it is safe to say that the journey of vaping has been nothing short of revolutionary. Today, you can be a globe-trotter, and there won’t be any reason that you will be missing your favorite vaping mod because it will be right with you in your pocket.

Vape Trend #9: Fashionable mix-and-match faceplates         

Vape Trend #9: Fashionable mix-and-match faceplates

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Faceplates can be called new vape wraps as they serve the same purpose. There are countless options that you can choose from to make your vape’s design more appealing. In fact, we can go as far as to classify vape wraps as a thing of the past. Not because they were unappealing. On the contrary, they had endless attractive designs. However, it could be hard to find one that fits your device. They were designed for a specific shape, and cutouts had to be done to fit them over a gadget. Therefore, users soon grew out of the craze for these vinyl stickers and joined the trend of using magnetic faceplates. The faceplates removable so that if you are a person whose choice differs from day to day, all you have to do is buy a faceplate and alter its design depending on your mood. 

The idea is to wear the one that fits your mood for week—having a blue time? Just pair your mod to a blue faceplate. Going to a rock concert? Don your mod with a slick black design. Today’s market offers various faceplates with many designs and colors that a user might get lost in the kaleidoscope of options.

Vape Trend #10: Stricter quality control

With many choices, many users have been complaining over the years about the deteriorating quality of products. Social media is brimming with users who argue that products’ quality does not match their sold price. Many do not have strong battery life and give up after a certain time, while others refuse to recognize new coils. With all these complaints rampant in the industry, the manufacturers have to up their game to enjoy a loyal customer base.

Along with that, the PMTA in the USA has asked the manufacturers to get approval from the FDA before legally selling their products. The PMTA has a strict list of requirements, including scientifically proving that the product is safe and up to the mark. This is a positive change as the quantity might decrease for a while but will push the companies to provide safe and enjoyable products.

Bonus Vape Trend: Eco-friendly vaping

To end this list, it is germane to mention that eco-friendly vaping has become a trend in recent years, and we advise every vape admirer to practice it. There are few precautions that one must act on to make the vaping experience more sustainable such as:

●      Safely discarding the battery, i.e., in designated battery recycle bins

●      Try to switch off the device when not in use to save power

●      Use eco-absorb to soak up the e-liquid to avoid toxic poisoning of children and pets


From manufacturing to design, the world of vaping is advancing at a speed that it's hard to keep up with the new technologies coming out every day. It’s always a wise choice to read all the latest news in the vape industry. With the advent of the decade, some of the new trends might continue to be favorites among users while others might evaporate into thin air (the pun was intentional). 

At the end of the day, it comes down to the user’s choice of what trends they want to look out for and which ones they will ignore. However, it’s important to remember that while chasing all the industry’s significant changes, an essential part is to opt for the products that remind you why you fell in love with the art of vaping in the first place.